Increase session time-out in phpMyAdmin

If you do any development with PHP and MySQL, undoubtedly, you are familiar with phpMyAdmin, which is a web-based tool for managing and editing MySQL databases. While phpMyAdmin is an excellent tool, one of it’s annoying aspects is the default session time-out of 30 minutes. However, you can make a quick configuration change to extend the time-out to most any value that you like.

To do this, just open the file for phpMyAdmin (which is in the /etc/phpmyadmin directory on Ubuntu Linux) in an editor as the administrative user (i.e., use sudo in Linux). Then, add these lines within the 'Servers' configuration section:

/* Set session time out to 8 hours (28800 seconds) */
$cfg['Servers'][$i]['LoginCookieValidity'] = 28800;

Save the changes and restart the Apache web server:

sudo service apache2 restart

The next time that you log into phpMyAdmin, you will stay logged in for 8 hours (or whatever duration you specified). For more information, see phpMyAdmin documentation for LoginCookieValidatity.


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