Web development on Windows

Today, we are starting a new series on setting up a web development environment and developing web applications on Windows.  The series will focus on using WampServer, Eclipse, and CodeIgniter PHP framework.

Some of the topics that we plan to cover include:

  • Installing WampServer on Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.
  • Adding additional server versions to WampServer.
  • Creating a new MySQL database via phpMyAdmin.
  • Configuring multiple virtual hosts in Apache.
  • Installing Subversion and set up WebSVN with WampServer.
  • Installing and configure PEAR on WampServer.
  • How to set up Eclipse to work with WampServer environment.
  • How to use Eclipse with local Subversion (or Git?) environment.
  • Free remote Subversion and Git hosting services.
  • Installing Xdebug for PHP on WampServer and Eclipse.
  • Installing and configuring CodeIgniter.
  • Adding Zen Coding plugin to Eclipse.
  • Configuring mod_rewrite on WampServer for URL rewriting.
  • Moving your finished web design to web hosting platform.

I hope your looking forward to the adventure.  If you have any suggestions for other topics, please leave your suggestions in the comments.


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